CMU Outreach

  • Roadshows
    A presentation given to middle/highschool students which describes what the study of computer science is all about. We try to break stereotypes and emphasize that anyone can do computer science. We also talk about how prevalent computers are in our lives, and that computer science can be combined with basically any other interests.
  • Creative Technology Nights (TechNights)
    Free weekly workshops for middleschool girls focusing on computer science and engineering topics. We teach the girls everything from circuit design to computer animation. We try to focus on creative activities which teach computer science topics.

Tufts Outreach

  • STOMP - Student Teach Outreach Mentor Program
    Run by the CEEO (Center for Engineering Education Outreach), the STOMP program puts undergrad and graduate students in the classroom to help with STEM education. Our activities generally use Lego robotics.