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Introduction to The Gallery

This is a place where I put pictures I've taken or images I've made. Mostly they're random things that have happened or projects with results that I thought were interesting enough to share. Pictures say a lot, especially ones that catch something unexpected, or just capture a moment of life that we might not otherwise notice. I'm also a big fan of generated images; It's one of the best ways to convey information or report results. They can also have a side effect of being like art in the structure they bring out from the data that they display. But enough drivel; On to the cool images. All are mine, unless otherwise noted for that image. Please contact me if you'd like to use or publish an image elsewhere.

The dog I grew up with, Tyson, died in mid-August this year. She had more personality than most people I know; I understand now why people talk to their pets. A part-husky mix, she was born to love the outdoors and especially the snow. Always a source of disagreement in the family, she had no idea why humans wanted to be indoors when it was 15 degrees out with white fluffy snow to roll in. Thus, I'll always picture her as above, sleeping in the snow and letting it cover her as it falls. Along with the rest of my family, I will sorely miss her.

I got back from Tokyo at the end of October. This the group that I played frisbee with over the summer (a lot more might show up on a given Sunday, but this is about half of the core crew). We met every Sunday afternoon in Yoyogi park in Harajuku.

This is me in front of a fountain in Rome. Last month I was in Italy for RoboCup 2003. It was held in Padua, outside of Venice. I visited Rome for two days after the competition. I'm now working in Japan for three months, until the end of October.

On January 18th I skied for the first time in 9 years. I used to ski a lot 10 years ago, but I stopped because of a knee injury; It feels good to be back again.

This is me attempting to take a picture with my brother's two Rottweilers. It was going to be a nice shot with me holding them both and all three of us looking at the camera. However, just before the photo actually got taken, Gunner (the lighter one) thought this would be a great time to take a shot at Chance. They don't really hate each other, but they don't agree on which is the leader of the pack either.

An image from a raytracer I wrote for Graphics II. Someday I guess I'll release the source to this beast but it's pretty ugly now. Or maybe write a paper instead; It has an unusual geometry data structure that allows BSP-like lookups on general (i.e. not necessarily planar) objects. I call it a directional interval tree, but it might have a real name if someone else thought of it first.