About Me

For anyone who cares, here the details on me.

My senior picture from High School


I am currently a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science. Not surprisingly, I'm studying computer science. Before coming to this place, I was an CMU SCS undergrad, and at Corning-Painted Post West High School, in Corning NY.

Highlander Food (Artist's Conception)

How I spend my time

Like all CS majors, I don't get to much time for myself, but when I do I try to make the most of it. I like to listen to alternative rock, which thankfully is once again an alternative to mainstream music and thus less exploited. I like eating at cheap restaurants in Pittsburgh's Oakland/Squirell Hill areas. I like to play computer games, though I currently am between addictions. Sometimes when I feel I need a thrill that is more real I go aggressive inline skating or ride my mountain bike somewhere interesting.

The best dog in the world, Tyson


I am not so average 6'5" tall and weigh aproximately 190 pounds. My hair is light brown, and my eyes are some sort of blue-green-gray color that is hard to describe. Perhaps you have seen me, unless you are thinking of something bad, in which case it must have been someone else. I am originally from upstate NY, and but now spend most of my time living in Pittsburgh and attending school. I hope to live in the Northwest or the Northeast eventually; hopefully somewhere that doesn't get too warm or has a boring landscape.