CMU 1394 Digital Camera Driver


Online Documentation

Online Documentation is forthcoming. For now, check the documentation file that comes with the distribution, 1394Camera.chm. Also, you may want to view the FAQ.

Revision History

March 2004 Version 6.3 Released. Unified Image Acquisition System with better handling for frame timeouts. License Converted to LGPL.
August 2003 Version 6.2 Released. Many tweaks and updates, but most importantly, partial scan mode is finally fixed.
August 2002 Version 6.0 Released (another thorough overhaul, check the help file for details)
March 2002 Version 5.2 completed with support for Windows XP and a few minor enhancements.
November 2001 Driver version 5.0 completed (thorough overhaul)
September 2000 Windows 2000 support released
May 2000 Driver version 4.1 completed (added support for multiple cameras from one application)
May 2000 Driver version 4.0 completed (added support for multiple cameras from multiple applications)
April 2000 Driver version 3.1 completed (added dialog box to demo program for partial scan mode)
March 2000 Driver version 3.0 completed (added support for all specified video formats and modes, external trigger, and partial scan mode)
February 2000 Driver version 2.2 completed (added support for iris control)
January 2000 Driver version 2.1 completed (added support for zoom and focus control)
December 1999 Driver version 2.0 completed and made publicly available
November 1999 Driver version 1.0 completed
August 1999 Start of project.