CMU 1394 Digital Camera Driver


Hardware Requirements

This driver set should work with all versions of MS Windows from 98 SE through XP. Beyond that, there are no hard minimums other than a 1394 host controller (preferably OHCI-compliant) and a compliant camera. However, the things that you can do with the data from these cameras will be limited by how much RAM you have and how fast your processer is, so more of both will be better. Don't expect useful results on anything less than a Pentium II 233 with 64 MB of RAM.

Compliant Cameras

This driver set was written to comply with the IIDC 1394 Digital Camera Specification (version 1.30) as published by the 1394 Trade Association. Any camera that explicitly claims compliance with this or any earlier version of this specification should work with this driver set.

A Note About DV Cameras

There are many consumer (and professional) digital camcorders available that use the 1394 bus to transfer data to a computer but are not in and of themselves compliant with the 1394 Digital Camera Specification. These cameras, widely classified as DV cameras, will not work with this driver set.  They comprise a completely different class of 1394 peripheral under a different specification.  The class should warn you on the call to InitCamera if it believes you are trying to control one of there cameras.