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Scott Hudson
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Teaching is intertwined with almost everything I do. I have two major teaching activities: I supervise (and co-supervise) a number of PhD students, and I teach HCI courses at the undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels. Until recently I was also the director of the HCI Institute PhD program.

Classroom Teaching

In the fall I regularly teach:

05(HCI)-4/631 "Software Structures for User Interface"
05(HCI)-4/633C,D "User Interface Lab (Mobile and Web Sections)"

In the spring I regularly teach:

05(HCI)-833 "Applied Gadgets Sensors and Activity Recognition in HCI"

In the past I have taught courses which include:

05(HCI)-771 HCI Process and Theory.
05(HCI)-4/630 Programming Usable Interfaces.
05(HCI)-671/2 HCI Project Course I/II.

A full list of HCI Courses can be found here.

HCII PhD Program

Until a few years ago I directed the HCII PhD program, having led the committee which created it, ushered in the first class in 2000, and served as its director until the fall of 2009. The program's central goal is to train world class interdisciplinary HCI researchers capable of transforming our field, and I take great pride in our students, both past and present. The program admits research-oriented students from a wide variety of backgrounds. However, admissions are very competitive. If you are interested in our program, please see the materials regarding applications on the HCII web site (including the frequently asked questions list).

My Students

Current PhD Students

Julia Schwarz (CMU, co-advised with Jennifer Mankoff)

Stacey Kuznetsov (CMU, unofficially co-advised with Eric Paulos)

Xiang 'Anthony' Chen (CMU, co-advised with Jennifer Mankoff)

Nesra Yannier (CMU, co-advised with Ken Koedinger)

Robert Xiao (CMU, co-advised with Chris Harrison)

Marynel Vazquez (CMU RI, unofficially co-advised with Aaron Steinfeld)

Graduated PhD Students
Chris Harrison
Thesis: "The Human Body as an Interactive Computing Platform", (CMU) December 2013, Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, CMU.

Gary Hsieh
Thesis: "Applying Market Mechanisms to Facilitate Interpersonal Information Exchange", (CMU) August 2010 (co-advised with with Robert Kraut), Assistant Professor of Human Centered Design and Engineering, University of Washington (formerly: Assistant Professor, Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media, Michigan State University).

Amy Hurst
Thesis: "Using Data About Real World Pointing Performance to Improve Computer Access with Automatic Assessment", (CMU) July 2010 (co-advised with Jennifer Mankoff), Assistant Professor of Information Systems, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Johnny Chung Lee
Thesis: "Projector-Based Location Discovery and Tracking", (CMU) May 2008, Google X (formerly: Microsoft Applied Sciences / Microsoft Research).

Joonhwan Lee
Thesis: "Designing Automatically Generated Perceptually Optimized Displays", (CMU) May 2008 (co-advised with Jodi Forlizzi), Assistant Professor, Dept. of Communications, Seoul National University.

Daniel Avrahami
Thesis: "Enhancing Technology-Mediated Communication: Tools, Analyses, and Predictive Models", (CMU) October 2007, Intel Research, Seattle.

James Fogarty
Thesis: "Constructing and Evaluating Sensor-Based Statistical Models of Human Interruptibility", (CMU) February 2006, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington.

Jennifer Mankoff
Thesis: "An Architecture and Interaction Techniques for Handling Ambiguity in Recognition-based Input", (Georgia Tech) May 2001, (unofficially co-advised with Gregory Abowd), Associate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, CMU, formerly Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley.

Ian Smith
Thesis: "Support For Multi-Viewed Interfaces" (Georgia Tech) June 1998, Chief Technical Officer, Transmutable Networks, formerly Intel Research Seattle and Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.

Andrey K. Yeatts
Thesis: "A Visual Notation for Specification of Rule-Based Graphical User Interfaces", (University of Arizona) December 1996, National Optical Astronomy Observatory.

Aravindan Veerasamy
Thesis: "Visualization and User Interface Techniques for Interactive Information Retrieval Systems" (Georgia Tech) March 1997 (co-advised with Sham Navathe).

Krishna Bharat
"Supporting the Construction of Distributed, Interoperative, User Interface Applications", (Georgia Tech) June 1996, Principle Scientist, Google Labs (Originator of Google News), formerly DEC Systems Research Center, Palo Alto.

Chen-Ning Hsi
Thesis: "High Level Techniques for Authoring, Analysis, and Synthesis of Multimedia Documents", (University of Arizona - in residence at Georgia Tech), August 1994, Phillips Research, Taiwan, formerly Associate Professor of Computer Science at Providence University, Taiwan.

Shamim P. Mohamed
Thesis: "End-User Specification of Interactive Displays", (University of Arizona) August 1993, formerly Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Idaho State University.

Gary L. Newell
Thesis: "A Probabilistic Approach to Gestural Interface Design", (University of Arizona), August 1993, Associate Professor and Department Head, Computer Science, Northern Kentucky University, formerly Chair of the Computer Science Department at McKendree College.

Tyson R. Henry
Thesis: "Techniques for Interacting with Large Graphs", (University of Arizona), May 1992, Associate Professor of Computer Science at the California State University, Chico

Bruce R. Schatz
Thesis: "Interactive Retrieval in Information Spaces Distributed Across Wide-Area Networks", (University of Arizona), December 1990, Recipient of NSF National Young Investigator Award, 1992. Professor and Head, Department of Medical Information Systems, College of Medicine, Professor of Library and Information Sciences and Computer Science at the University of Illinois.

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