Real-Tim 3D Reconstruction/Fitting of Human Voxel Models

German Cheung, Takeo Kanade

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This project analyzes the effect of silhouette noise on the accuracy of the voxel-based Shape-From-Silhouette algorithms. Based on the analysis, a fast algorithm called SPOT for voxel projection/testing is derived. Using SPOT, a real-time system is built to reconstruct 3D voxel models of humans. Simple ellipsoidal shells representing different body parts are also used to fit the reconstructed voxels. Technical details of this project can be found in the documents listed below:

Real-time 3D Human Voxels Reconstruction/Fitting System Using SPOT

The SPOT Algorithm

System Architecture

Screen Shot


Video One: The System in Action (Download: mpeg)

Video Two: Screen Captured Results (Download: mpeg)