CS 15-212: Fundamental Structures of Computer Science II

Language and Programming Environment

How to run MLWorks

MLWorks is an implementation of Standard ML compliant with The Definition of Standard ML - Revised. It also provides an X interface, tools for browsing and debugging, and an implementation of the ML Standard Library.

CMU has an MLWorks licsense only for the Sparc-5 and UltraSparc workstations.

If you have problems, please contact Herb Derby.

SML/NJ for School and Home

Standard ML of New Jersey provides a free alternative implementation with only minor deviations from the revised definition and the standard library. However, it does not provide an X interface, browser, or other tools available with MLWorks.

If you have problems, please contact Herb Derby.

Local Guides

  • Standard ML at Carnegie Mellon by Peter Lee and its
  • MLWorks User's Manual
  • MLWorks Reference Manual
  • Earlier documents, less comprehensive and now slightly out of date but possibly still helpful.
  • Local guide to using SML (PostScript)
  • Local introduction to MLWorks
  • Supplementary Reading

  • Introduction to SML by Robert Harper.
  • Introduction to SML (PostScript)
  • Four Lectures on Standard ML: Part 1, part 2, and part 3. (Examples from the notes are available online.)
  • Principal SML'97 libraries

  • Char
  • String
  • Int
  • Real
  • Math
  • List
  • TextIO
  • Array
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