15-411 Compiler Design

Fall 2014
Frank Pfenning
Lecture, TuTh 9:00-10:20, WEH 7500
12 units
Cross-listed as 15-611

This course covers the design and implementation of compiler and runtime systems for high-level languages, and examines the interaction between language design, compiler design, and runtime organization. Topics covered include lexical and syntactic analysis, type-checking, program analysis, code generation and optimization, memory management, and runtime organization.

Prerequisites: 15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems

Course Material

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Course Information

Lectures TuTh 9:00-10:20, WeH 7500
Textbook (optional)
Andrew W. Appel
Modern Compiler Implementation in ML
Cambridge University Press, 1998
ISBN 0-521-60764-7 (paperback)
Credit 12 units
Grading 70% labs, 30% written assignments
Labs There are 6 labs worth a total of 700 points
Labs can be done individually or in pairs
Assignments There are 5 written assignments worth a total of 300 points
Written assignments must be done individually
Exams There will be no midterm or final exams for this class
Home http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~fp/courses/15411-f14/
Autolab https://autolab.cs.cmu.edu/15411-f14
Piazza piazza.com/cmu/fall2014/15411/home
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  Frank Pfenning
Contact fp@cs
Office GHC 7019
Office Hours Tue 10:30-12:00

Teaching Assistants

  Contact Office Hours Location
Flávio Cruz fmfernan@cs Thu 1:30-3:30 Citadel Teaching Commons
GHC 5th Floor
Tae Gyun Kim taegyunk@cmu Tue 3:30-5:30 Citadel Teaching Commons
GHC 5th Floor
Rokhini Prabhu rokhinip@andrew Mon 6:00-8:00 Citadel Teaching Commons
GHC 5th Floor
Max Serrano mserrano@andrew Wed 4:00-6:15 Citadel Teaching Commons
GHC 5th Floor

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