Euklas - Eclipse Users' Keystrokes Lessened by Attaching from Samples

The Euklas plug-in

Euklas enhances Eclipse's JavaScript editor by (#1) highlighting errors in the source code, (#2) providing quick fixes, and (#3) explanations. The provided support is especially useful for errors that have been introduced by copying and pasting example code. Please check out the screenshots, watch the video and read the documentation to get additional information about Euklas. You can download Euklas here.

Euklas1 is a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE and is licensed under BSD. It enhances Eclipse's JavaScript editor to help users to more successfully employ copy-and-paste strategies for reuse. Please send your email address to for notifications about updates and to provide your feedback.

[1] Euklas (pronounced oy-class) is German for Euclase, a gemstone. It is a beryllium aluminium hydroxide silicate mineral (BeAlSiO4(OH)).
It crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system and is typically massive to fibrous as well as in slender prismatic crystals. [read more]