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o    perl5 script: converts AcrossLite crossword format to PostScript.
o    DOS: XD-5 kit-patch editor.
o    DOS: eye-candy.
not mine:
o    PC-1600 patches.
o    Matrix-6
o    µWave


o    notes on Plowman's "Brunfelsia in ethnomedicine".
o    the quantitative Matrix-6.
o    partial lyrics: Love Spirals Downwards, Ardor.
o    MIDI in a nutshell.
o    Rayshade models: gems, hands.
o    resume, text version. (also PostScript.)
not mine:
o    random texts.
o    random CMU CS texts (local access only).
o    various ligands' 5-HT2 affinities.


o    a Book of Words.
o    nanoreviews (of books).
o    random recipes.
o    images.
not mine:
o    poetry by G. M. Hopkins.

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22 Apr 2004