Normally I'm a big fan of unintelligible singing, preferably in unidentifiable languages. And LSD's Ardor has plenty of that. But it also has intelligible bits sticking out, which managed to motivate me to try transcribing them.

In Hell they have racks upon racks of XD-5's, and they make you program kit patches for them all night long. I wrote a kit-patch editor for it, but fair warning: it's a DOS command-line program that operates on text files (this is a feature, dammit), and it's still in beta.
A few PC-1600 patches (programmed by various people):
for Matrix-6.
for µWave.

MIDI in a nutshell. Small enough to tattoo on your forehead, if only you had a mirror to read it with.
The clumsy front-panel interface makes the Matrix-6 unintuitive to program; that it's one of the few synths with proper mod routing makes it worth programming anyway. Along with its respectable voice architecture (about as good as you can get for under $500, anyway), this encourages planned patches, often complex.

It helps to know what the thing is really going to do in response to your programming. Hence, the quantitative Matrix-6.

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19 Jan 2002