the quantitative Matrix-6

This information comes from a tangle of Linux shell scripts hanging off of /dev/dsp. My PAS-16 is hardly precision equipment -- for example, I don't know how well its clock approximates 44.1 kHz.
o    background on modulation strengths,
         and a table (not just from the manual) for pitch modulation by semitone.
o    how to tune the M6 to arbitrary equal temperaments.
o    a table of LFO speeds.
o    a listing of integer ratios of LFO speeds.
o    partial sysex spec.
o    the patch format.
o    mod source and destination codes
         (like the table printed on the top of the M6r rack module).
On request, I can also dig out some measurements of VCF tuning and of the VCAs' responses.

Do you know precisely what the three sync modes are? I don't have an oscilloscope, and would love to know what's going on here.

Also, see Dan McMullen's Matrix-12 LFO timings. (They seem to differ from my M-6 timings by a constant factor.)

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19 Jan 2002