CMU Kitchen Occlusion Dataset (CMU_KO8)

This dataset contains 1600 images of 8 texture-less household items (i.e. cup, pitcher, shaker, thermos, shaker, scissors, baking pan) under severe occlusions in cluttered, kitchen enviornments. The data is split for object instance detection from a single-view of an object and from multiple-views of an object. For the single-view portion of the dataset, the occluded regions are labeled and the occlusion statistics are provided for each image.


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E. Hsiao and M. Hebert. Occlusion reasoning for object detection under arbitrary viewpoint. In CVPR, 2012. [pdf][bibtex]

CMU Grocery Dataset (CMU10_3D)

This dataset contains 620 images of 10 grocery items (i.e. soup cans, soda cans, cartons, boxes) in natural, kitchen environments. The objects in this dataset are seen under a wide range of viewpoints, lighting condition changes and clutter. The dataset includes 500 images with ground truth 2D segmentations and 120 images with ground truth 6D pose.


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E. Hsiao, A. Collet and M. Hebert. Making specific features less discriminative to improve point-based 3D object recognition. In CVPR, 2010. [pdf][bibtex]