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In 2002, I defended my PhD thesis, and I officially graduated (for the last time) in December.

Before moving to Pittsburgh, my wife, Celia, and I lived in sunny California, where I earned a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. I specialized in robotics and artificial intelligence, and I worked for Barbara Hayes-Roth in the Virtual Theater group. I also worked at Sun Microsytems in their Technology Development group helping to develop a pen-based workstation. Among other things, I ported Grafitti to Solaris before the Palm Pilot was invented. Don't ask for the product, though, because it is long gone.

My undergraduate days (or years) were spent at the University of Texas, where I studied Electrical Engineering. I participated in the Co-op program, which I highly recommend.

Most of my spare time is spent fixing my house these days. In the remaining time, I enjoy squash (playing, not eating), hiking, sailing, and playing the tin whistle.

I am not an artist, but I did manage to scratch out this cartoon, which was imprinted on the back of 1997's robotics t-shirt. Notice that one of the robots is bow-legged, but the other is knock-kneed. The original idea for the cartoon belongs to Kim Shillcutt.