Cari Bader (Carol Sisson)


Language Technologies Institute
Carnegie Mellon University

csisso [at]


Short Bio

I finished a masters in language technologies at the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in Spring 2008.   I worked on the RAVINE project with Professor Noah Smith. Prior to that I did my undergraduate degree (BA honours linguistics with a minor in computer science) at McGill University in Montreal.

I now work at Nuance Communications in my native Seattle.

LTI Courses

Spring 2008:         
    08-764 Web Application Development
    11-899 Summarization and Personal Information Management
    LING 2139 (Pitt) Approaches and Methods in TESOL
    NLP lab

Fall 2007:         
    11-711 Algorithms for NLP
    11-791 Software Engineering for Information Systems
    I also TAed for 11-721 Grammars and Lexicons

Spring 2007: 
    11-761 Langauge and Statistics
    11-752 Speech II: Phonetics, Prosody, Perception and Synthesis
    05-817 Computer Mediated Communication

Fall 2006:
     11-721 Grammars and Lexicons
     05-832 Cognitive Modeling and Intelligent Tutoring Systems
     36-309 Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences

Academic Work

  • Mixed-mode Multilinguality in TTS: The Case of Canadian French [pdf]
  • Text-to-speech in Vocabulary Acquisition and Student Knowledge
       Models: a Classroom Study Using the REAP intelligent Tutoring System
             - Technical Report [pdf]
             - [pdf] (with references [pdf])
  • Adult L2 Acquisition of French Grammatical Gender: investigating sensitivity to phonological and morphological gender cues [pdf]
             - a related poster[pdf]
  • some other old stuff

updated 21 March 2012