11-721: Grammars and Lexicons

Fall 2007

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Time:    Monday, Wednesday 1:30-2:50 pm
Place:   Newell-Simon Hall 3002; (starting November 7 the location will change

Lori Levin
Associate Research Professor
Language Technologies Institute
Newell-Simon Hall 4631
Email: lsl[at]cs.cmu.edu
Office hours: by appointment and by chance

Teruko Mitamura
Research Professor
Language Technologies Institute
Newell-Simon Hall 4621
Email: teruko[at]cs.cmu.edu
Office hours: by appointment and by chance

Teaching Assistant:
Cari Sisson
MLT Student
Language Technologies Institute
Newell-Simon Hall 3612
Email: csisso[at]cs.cmu.edu
Office hours: by appointment (send me email, or stop by to setup a time)


Date:   Friday, November 2
Time:  1 - 4 pm
Place:  ?  


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Lectures & Readings

Date Topic Reading
Part 1: Phrase Structure, Categories, and Argumentation (Lori Levin)
Mon., Aug. 27 Syllabus and course requirements
Kroeger, pp. 1-5
Sag, et al., Syntactic Theory, pp. 1-20
Pinker, The Language Instinct, Ch. 4 & 5
Manning, Probabilistic Syntax
Wed., Aug. 29 Preliminary definitions, Tests, Grammaticality, Lexical and Phrasal Categories
How do linguists study grammar?
Schacter, Parts of Speech Systems, in Shopen (ed.)
Radford, pp. 50-69
Mon., Sept. 3 NO CLASS (Labor Day)  
Wed., Sept. 5 Tests for constituency, Phrase Structure Rules
A Distributional Approach to Parts of Speech
Radford, pp. 69-166
Kroeger, pp. 22-52
Mon., Sept. 10 Constraining, generalizing, and eliminating categorial rules
Trees and Constituents
x-bar trees
Radford, pp. 167-286
Part 2: Simple sentences: Diversity and Universals (Lori Levin)
Wed., Sept. 12 Semantic Roles
Sub-constituents of NP in English

Van Valin, pp. 21-33
Andrews, The Major Functions of the Noun Phrase, pp. 62-70, 80-96, in Shopen (ed.)

Mon., Sept. 17

Grammatical Relations;
slides covered on 17th and 19th

Reflexive pronouns; behavioral property of subjects

Van Valin, pp. 33-41
Andrews, pp. 71-77, 97-108
Comrie, pp. 86-102, 124-136

Van Valin, pp. 41-43
Kroeger, pp. 88-89, 95-97
Andrews, pp. 117-118

Wed., Sept. 19

Passives, Dative Shift and Applicatives
coding properties (case + agreement) handout
grammatical relations,slides

Kroeger, pp. 53-80
Van Valin, pp. 59-69
Andrews, pp. 119-130
Keenan, Passive in the World's Languages, in Shopen (ed.)
Mon., Sept. 24

Topic and Focus;

Pragmatics slides

Cross Linguistic Variation

Kroeger, pp. 135-161
Comrie, pp. 62-65
Ward and Birner, Information structure and Non-canonical Syntax in Horn and Ward (eds.), The Handbook of Pragmatics
Grundel and Fretheim, Topic and Focus, Handbook of Pragmatics

Comrie, pp. 70-74, 110-116
Andrews, pp. 130-184
Van Valin, pp. 70-85

Part 3: Complex Sentences: Diversity and Universals (Lori Levin)
Wed., Sept. 26

Coordinating and Switch Reference

Complement Clauses

applicatives handout
passives handout
passives, slides

Van Valin, pp. 56-58
Comrie, pp. 104-115
Payne, Complex Phrases and Complex Sentences, in Shopen (ed.)
Andrews, pp. 115-117.

Noonan, Complementation, in Shopen (ed.)
Radford, pp. 287-332
Andrews, pp. 113-115

Mon., Oct. 1

Control of understood subjects


Kroeger, pp. 103-132
Van Valin, pp. 49-56
Davies and Dubinsky, pp. 3-16
Andrews, pp. 112-113

Wed., Oct. 3

Adjunct Clauses

Non-finite clauses and control

Serial Verbs

Andrews, pp. 108-112
Thompson and Longacre, Adverbial Clauses, in Shopen (ed.)

Kroeger, pp. 222-254

Mon., Oct. 8 Causatives
Causative slides
Kroeger, pp. 192-219
Comrie, pp 165-184
Wed., Oct. 10 Wh-questions, Relative clauses, clefts
Long Distance Dependencies (filler-gap) and Relative Clauses

Kroeger, pp. 165-189
Van Valin, pp. 43-49
Keenan, Relative Clauses, in Shopen (ed.)
Comrie, pp. 138-163

Mon., Oct. 15 Control: continued
Part 4: Intro to Lexical Functional Grammar (Lori Levin)
Wed., Oct. 17 Overview of Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG)
Control in Malagasy
Lexical Functional Grammar and Linguistic Theory

Kroeger, pp. 6-21
Bresnan, Lexical Functional Syntax, pp. 1-25
Bresnan, pp. 44-64
Kaplan, The Formal Architecture of Lexical Functional Grammar

Mon., Oct. 22 Review for midterm exam
Wed., Oct. 24  
Some basic English constructions in LFG

Bresnan, pp. 64-86
Kaplan and Zaenen, Long Distance Dependencies, Constituent Structure, and Functional Uncertainty, in Dalrymple, et al.

Mon., Oct. 29 Some basic English constructions in LFG
Kaplan and Maxwell, Constituent Coordination in Lexical Functional Grammar in Dalrymple et al.
Wed., Oct. 31 TBA  
Part 5: Grammar Writing (Teruko Mitamura)
Mon., Nov. 5 Grammar Writing - Introduction
Wed., Nov. 7 Grammar Writing
lecture 2
grammar guide handout
Mon., Nov. 12 Grammar Writing
lecture 3
Wed., Nov. 14 Grammar Writing
lecture 4
Mon., Nov. 19 Grammar Writing
lecture 5
Wed. Nov. 21 NO CLASS (Thanksgiving Break)
Mon., Nov. 26 Grammar Writing
lecture 6
Wed., Nov. 28 Grammar Writing
lecture 7
Mon., Dec. 3 Grammar Writing
Wed., Dec. 5 Grammar Writing

Recitation Schedule

Date Time Topic Room
Thursday, Oct 25th 
Friday, Oct 26th
5-6 pm
3-4 pm
Linux / Emacs Tutorial
Handouts: Getting Started; Emacs Commands;
Useful Emacs and Lisp Tips
Cyert PC lab 

Grammar Writing Assignment

Due Date Topic Handouts
Wednesday, 14 November Steps 1 and 2: Planning and Design, Test Suite for one type of sentence (see project handout)
Friday, 7 December (3 pm) (hand in at to Cari's mailbox)
Full Grammar Writing Assignment Project handout


Due Date Topic
Wednesday, September 19 Homework 1: Predeterminers, Determiners, and Adjectives, etc.
part I solutions [PDF]
part II solutions [PDF]
Wednesday, September 26 Homework 2: Tests for consituency
sample solutions [PDF]
*note that the key part of the explanation in 7 is gapping
Monday, October 8 Homework 3: Grammatical relations, passives, semantic roles.
selected solutions [pdf]
Wednesday, October 17 Homework 4: Grammatical Relations, Control
solutions [pdf]
Wednesday, October 24th Homework 5: Finite embedded clauses and relative clauses in English
sample solutions [pdf]

Extra Credit

Topic / Due Date
See homework assignments


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