Driver Performance with In-Vehicle Information Systems

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General Motors: SenseAble Driving, Driver Distraction and Workload

GM Collaborative Research Lab at Carnegie Mellon University

Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII)


Jon Hankey, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Dario Salvucci, Drexel University

Related Work

Masters of Human-Computer Interaction student projects, 2003

Deep Navigate: Explore the icoNav system (for in-car drive time navigation) and the PNS (personal navigation system for out of the car navigation) prototypes and recommendations for a GM concept vehicle to be produced in 2015 .
RIMS: Real Time Information Management System is a context aware system for cars with a navigation and a communication modules forming an exciting, dynamic application to be implemented in a GM car in the not too distant future.

This website, maintained by Dr. Ivan Burmistrov at Russia's Moscow State University, is dedicated to research on interruptions in human-computer interaction. It includes an extensive collection of literature references & full text documents.

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