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I am a professor of Robotics and Computer Science at the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. My main research interest is data mining...the exciting world of algorithms for finding all the potentially useful and statistically meaningful patterns in massive sources of data. This is a rewarding area in which to work because the fundamental data structures, algorithms and mathematics are beautiful. And it's a way for Computer Science to have a direct impact in the real world. My research group, The Auton Lab, works with Astrophysicists, Biologists, Marketing Groups, Bioinformaticists, Manufacturers and Chemical Engineers.

We are funded partly from industry, and also thanks to research grants from the National Science Foundation, NASA, and more recently from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to work on data mining for Biosurveillance (we are part of a project led by Mike Wagner of the University of Pittsburgh) and for helping intelligence analysts. I collaborate with Jeff Schneider. I also continue to work closely with Chris Atkeson who was my post-doctoral advisor at MIT.

During my teaching at CMU I've accumulated quite a number of introductory and advanced teaching materials about Data Mining, Machine Learning and Algorithms for AI. Click here for a set of Data Mining tutorials. In addition, some of the course links below can take you to additional teaching and learning materials.

Additional information

  • Slides and references from my DIMACS Tutorial on Homeland-Defense-relevant Data Mining technologies
  • Slides and references from my Syndromic Surveillance Conference presentation

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