Andrew speaking at CMU in April 2014 Andrew W. Moore

My number one ambition in life:

Occasion to use the phrase---"Let me through, I'm a computer scientist!"

Who are the new SCS faculty?

What is this Olympus Project I keep hearing about?

Olympus is a learn-by-doing accerator and incubator originally created for the School of Computer Science by Lenore Blum, now part of the Swartz Center operating across campus. See the story of dozens of successful Olympus Spinouts.

What can you tell me about SCS strategy?

Something which might help is the Advisory Board exercise we went through in 2018:

How do I get powerpoints of your Machine Learning Tutorials?

Here you go: ZIP file of all the tutorials.

So what exactly is the School  of Computer Science?

Read the darn website! But if you want it succinctly: it is one of the academic schools within Carnegie Mellon University. It consists of driven, focused people who are learning and teaching about all aspects of computing. They are also investigating new principles, new algorithms, new devices, new businesses, and new uses for computer science-related technology. The School of Computer Science consists of seven departments:

Are there other Andrew Moores out there?

There are lots of us. Here are some other CS-related Andrew Moores you might be looking for instead of me: