SCS History Book: Robotics Reviews

""What [robotics] will become -- what effects it will have, both witting and unwitting -- are for the future to tell. What we all have now is a sense of adventure and is easy to see the science lurking in robotics. It lies in the welding of intelligence to energy. That is, it lies in intelligent perception and intelligent control of motion. These are to robotics what heat was to the era of Count Rumford and Nicolas Carnot. If we are ever to have devices that operate under their own control to perform tasks that demand large energetic transformations -- whether these be machining, transporting, exploring, mining, constructing, whatever -- they must sense a changing natural environment and control transformations that operate with their own physics in real time..."

--Allen Newell at the Dedication of the Robotics Institute, 1980

Robotics Research Reviews: Tables of Contents


Raj Reddy

Autonomous Manufacturing: Automating the Job Shop
David A. Bourne, Mark S. Fox

A Manufacturing Hand
Paul K. Wright

Parts Entropy Methods for Robotic Assembly System Design
Arthur C. Sanderson

Position Estimation for an Intelligent Mobile Robot
James L. Crowley


J. Todd Simonds

The CMU Direct-Drive Arm II Project
Takeo Kanade, Donald Schmitz, Regis Hoffmann, Pradeep Khosla

Automatic Visual Inspection as Skilled Perception
Robert Thibadeau

Towards Autonomous Vehicles
The Mobile Robot Laboratory Staff

Expert Systems in Civil Engineering, Construction Management, and
Construction Robotics
Daniel R. Rehak, Steven J. Fenves


J. Todd Simonds

Cognitive Robots for Construction
William L. Whittaker

Optimal Parl Localization by Data Base Matching with Sparse Data
Kristjan T. Gunnarsson, Friedrich B. Prinz

Intelligent Sensors Laboratory
Melvin W. Siegel

Human-Robot Interaction
Mark B. Friedman


D. Raj. Reddy

Vision and Navigation for the Carnegie Mellon NavLab
Charles E. Thorpe, Steven A. Shafer, Takeo Kanade

Arm Signature Idenitification
Henry W. Stone, Arthur C. Sanderson

Robotics Manipulation: Mechanics and Planning
Matthew T. Mason

Planning Robotic Manipulation
Michael A. Peshkin, Arthur C. Sanderson


Takeo Kanade

Automation and Craftsmanship
David A. Bourne, Paul K. Wright

Automatic Generation of Control Programs for Discrete Manufacturing
Bruce H. Krogh, Reg Willson, Dhiraj Pathak

Sensor Fusion in Certainty Grids for Mobile Robots
Hans P. Moravec

Kalsman Filter-based Algorithms for Estimating Depth from Image
Larry H. Matthies, Richard S. Szeliski, Takeo Kanade


Raj Reddy

Doctoral Studies in Robotics
Takeo Kanade

Design of a Planetary Rover
Eric Krotkov, John Bares, Martial Hebert, Takeo Kanade, Tom Mitchell,
Reid Simmons, William Whittaker

Knowledge Based Alloy Design
Ingemar Hulthage, M.L. Farinacci, Mark Fox, Mark Rychener

The Carnegie Mellon Reconfigurable Modular Manipulator Systems Project
Pradeep Khosla, Takeo Kanade, Regis Hoffman, Donald Schmitz, Mark Delouis

Structured Highlight Inspection of Specular Surfaces Using Extended
Gaussian Images
Shree Nayar, Lee Weiss, David Simon, Arthur Sanderson

The Robotic Vocational Workstation
K.G. Engelhardt, Roger Edwards, Whitney Sample, Michael Sandorf


Raj Reddy

A Rapid Tool Manufacturing Systems Based on Stereolithography
and Thermal Spraying
Lee E. Weiss, E. Levent Gursoz, F.B. Prinz, Swami Mahalingam, Paul S. Fussell

Generating Space Telescope Observation Schedules
Nicola Muscettola, Stephen F. Smith, Gilad Amiri, Dhiraj Pathak

An Experiment in Perfectly Realistic Graphics
Robert Thibadeau, Ping-Kang Hsiung, David Thuel, Tim Chow, M.W. Siegel

Automated Subsurface Mapping
Daniel A. Christian, Behnam Motazed, James Osborn, David White

Ph.D. Program in Robotics
Takeo Kanade, Steven A. Shafer


Raj Reddy

Ph.D. Program in Robotics
Takeo Kanade, Steven A. Shafer

Ambler: A Legged Planetary Rover
Eric Krotkov, John Vares, Martial Hebert, Takeo Kanade, Tom Mitchell,
Reid Simmons, William Whittaker

A Programmable Parts Feeder
Kenneth Y. Goldberg, Matthew T. Mason

Assembly Plan for Observation
Katsushi Ikeuchi, Takashi Suehiro, Peter Tanguy, Mark Wheeler

Machining Planning: A Model of an Expert Level Planning Process
Caroline C. Hayes

Self-Mobile Space Manipulator Project
Ben Brown, Mark Friedman, Takeo Kanade, Yangsheng Xu


Raj Reddy, Takeo Kanade

Ph.D. Program in Robotics
Takeo Kanade, Steve Shafer

Learning Senor Models for Evidence Grids
Hans Moravec, Mike Blackwell

Perception and Manipulation for Natural Objects
H. Delingette, Martial Hebert, Katsushi Ikeuchi

Synthesizing Reaction-Diffusion Textures
Andrew Witkin, Michael Kass

Micro-Boss: A Micro-Opportunistic Decision Support System for
Factory Scheduling
Norman Sadeh


Takeo Kanade

New Directions in Robotics
The Medical Robotics Program

Dante's Expedition to Mount Erebus
Chuck Thorpe, David Wettergreen, William (Red) Whittaker

Conflict Partition Scheduling:
Operating Principles and Performance Results
Nicola Muscettola

Insets, Fish, and Computer-Based Super-Agents
Pedro de Souza, Sarosh Talukdar

Intelligent Manufacturing Workstations
David Bourne

Robotics for Difficult Measurements in Difficult Environments:
Application to Aging Aircraft Inspection
Melvin W. Siegel


Takeo Kanade

New Directions in Robotics
The Microdynamic Systems Laboratory

Robot-Assisted Freeform Fabrication
K. Hartmann, R. Krishnan, R. Merz, G. Neplotnik, F.B. Prinz, L. Schultz,
M. Terk, L.E. Weiss

Improvement of Schedule Quality through Adaptive Schedule Revision
Kazuo Miyashita, Katia Sycara

Medical Robotics and Computer-Assisted Surgery: Perspectives
and Progress
R. O'Toole, B. Jaramaz, A.M. DiGioia, M. Blackwell, T. Kanade

Mobile Worksystems for Decontamination and Decommissioning
James Osborn

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