SCS History Book: Computer Science Reviews

"At Carnegie, everything was always very simple. We never really came across groups that were hostile to the computer or reluctant to apply it. Everybody at Carnegie accepted the value of a computer in their work. The only differences between one group and another was the rate at which the computer was applied in their work, or the excellence with which it was applied, or the insight that they showed in the use of the computer. But there was never hostility.

I've taken it for granted that computing is central and valuable and that its impact is going to continue grow. I've taken that for granted. I haven't had to sell anybody that idea."

--An Interview with Alan J. Perlis, 1977

Computer Science Research Reviews 1966-1990: Tables of Contents



Managing a Computation Center
David H. Nickerson

On the Representations of Problems
Allen Newell

The Synthesis of Algorithmic Systems
Alan J. Perlis

Reflections on Time Sharing from a User's Point of View
Herbert Simon

Generality in Computer Design
Jesse T. Quatse


Allen Newell

What is Computer Science?
Allen Newell, Alan J. Perlis, Herbert Simon

On Formula Algol and The Evolution of Programming Languages
Tim Standish

The Verifying Compiler
Robert W. Floyd

Structural Properties of the Nevada Cattlebrands
W. C. Watt

Eye Movements and Problem Solving
Allen Newell


Allen Newell

The Design of a Computer Science Course
Alan Bond

Theories of Computational Complexity
Albert R. Meyer

On Operating Computer Systems and Simulation Systems
David L. Parnas

Designing the Language of a Computer
Frederick M. Haney

The Correctness Problem of Computer Programs
Zohar Manna


Allen Newell

A New Program of Graduate Education in Computer Science
Alan Perlis, Allen Newell

James Mitchell

Computer Networks
C. Gordon Bell, Arie Habermann, John McCredie, Ronald Rutledge, William Wulf

C. Gordon Bell, Allen Newell


Allen Newell

A Brief Primer on Resolution Proof Procedures
Donald W. Loveland

Control Structures
David A. Fisher

BLISS: A Language for Programming Systems
William A. Wulf

The Kernel Approach to Building Software Systems
Allen Newell, Peter Freeman, Donald McCracken, George Robertson


Joseph F. Traub

A Mechanistic Model of Speech Perception
D. Raj Reddy, Lee D. Erman, Richard B. Neely

Numerical Mathematics and Computer Science
Joseph F. Traub

On the Problem of Producing Well Structured Programs
David L. Parnas

C.mmp: A Multi-Mini-Processor
William A. Wulf


Joseph F. Traub

Design Augmentation
Charles M. Eastman

On the Scheduling Aspects of Timing Concurrent Processes
A. Nico Habermann

Some Practical Uses for Analytical Models in the Study of Computing Systems
John W. McCredie

Lessons from Perception for Chess-Playing Programs
Herbert A. Simon


Joseph F. Traub

On Doing Software Experiments
George Robertson, Allen Newell, Donald McCracken

The Immigration Course in Computer Science
Mary Shaw

Register Allocation in Bliss/11
Richard K. Johnsson, William A. Wulf


Joseph F. Traub

Bounds on the Speed-Up of Parallel Evaluation of Recurrences
Laurent Hyafil, H.T. Kung

Overview of the Hearsay Speech Understanding Research
Lee D. Erman

Strict Lower and Upper Bounds on Iterative Computational Complexity
Joseph F. Traub, Henryk Wozniakowski

The CMU RT-CAD System: An Innovative Approach to
Computer Aided Design
Mario R. Barbacci, Daniel P. Siewiorek


Joseph F. Traub

Achieving Quality Software: Reflections on the Aims and
Objectives of Aphard
William A. Wulf, Mary Shaw, Ralph L. London

The Narrowing Gap Between Language Systems and Operating Systems
Anita K. Jones

The Structure and Architecture of Cm*: A Modular,
Richard J. Swan, Samuel H. Fuller, Daniel P. Siewiorek


Joseph F. Traub

Allen Newell

Automated Theory Formation in Mathematics
Douglas B. Lenat

Multi-System Approach to Speech Understanding
Raj Reddy


William A. Wulf

Multidimensional Divide-and-Conquer
Jon Louis Bentley

Language Implementation on Multiprocessor Computer Systems
Peter G. Hibbard

Algorithms for VLSI Processor Arrays
H.T. Kung and Charles E. Leiserson


A. Nico Habermann

CSD Backgammon Program Beats World Champ
Hans Berliner

The Gandalf Research Project
A. Nico Habermann

System Facilities for CAD Databases
Charles M. Eastman

Abstraction and Efficiency: The Interaction of Languages and Analysis
Jon Louis Bentley, Mary Shaw


A. N. Habermann

The POLITICS Project: Subjective Reasoning in a Multi-Actor Planning Domain
Jaime G. Carbonell

An Approach to Debugging Custom Integrated Circuits
Edward H. Frank, Robert F. Sproull

Computers with Natural Communication Skills
Phil Hayes, Eugene Ball, Raj Reddy

Distributed Computer Systems
E. Douglas Jensen

Lessons for AI from Human Problem Solving
Herbert A. Simon


Nico Habermann

The Spice Project
J. Eugene Ball, Mario R. Barbacci, Scott E. Fahlman, Samuel P. Harbison, Peter G. Hibbard,
Richard F. Rashid, George G. Robertson, Guy L. Steele, Jr.

A Design Methodology and Computer Aids for Digital VLSI Systems
Steve W. Director, Alice C. Parker, Daniel P. Siewiorek, Donald P. Thomas

Front End Generator System
John R. Nestor, Margaret A. Beard

ZOG and the USS Carl Vinson
Allen Newell, Donald L. McCracken, George G. Robertson, Robert M. Akscyn


Reviews Discontinued


A. Nico Habermann

Optimistic Concurrency Control for Abstract Data Types
Maurice Herlihy

Recent Advances in the Theory of Feasible Computation: Circuit Complexity
Merrick Furst

The Warp Computer: A Cost-Effective Solution to Supercomputing
H.T. Kung

Symptom-Directed Diagnosis of Distributed Computing Systems
Roy A. Maxion, Daniel P. Siewiorek

The Design and Verification of Finite State Hardware Controllers
Edmund M. Clarke, Soumitra Bose, Michael C. Browne, Orna Grumberg

The Universal Parser Architecture for Knowledge-Based Machine Translation
Masaru Tomita, Jaime G. Carbonell


Nico Habermann

Efficient Knowledge Representation Systems
Dario Giuse

Music Understanding
Roger B. Dannenberg

Avalon: Language Support for Reliable Distributed Systems
Maurice P. Herlihy, Jeannette M. Wing

Performance Modeling and Calibration for Parallel Systems with Distributed Memory
Dalibor Vrsalovic, Nino Vidovic, Daniel Siewiorek, Zary Segall

Color Image Analysis with an Intrinsic Reflection Model
Gudren J. Klinker, Steven A. Shafer, Takeo Kanade


Nico Habermann

Automatic Speech Recognition
Kai-Fu Lee

Achieving High Availability in Coda
Mahadev Satyanarayanan

Foundations of Programming: Aspects of Research in Ergo
Robert Harper, Peter Lee, Frank Pfenning

Research in Digital Mapping
David McKeown, Aviad Zlotnick, Frederic Perlant, Yuan Hsieh, Wilson Harvey, Matthew Diamond

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