Model-based Adaptation for Self-Healing Systems

David Garlan, and Bradley Schmerl

ACM SIGSOFT Workshop on Self-Healing Systems (WOSS'02), November 18-19, 2002.

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Traditional mechanisms that allow a system to detect and recover from errors are typically wired into applications at the level of code where they are hard to change, reuse, or analyze. An alterna-tive approach is to use externalized adaptation: one or more mod-els of a system are maintained at run time and external to the ap-plication as a basis for identifying problems and resolving them. In this paper we provide an overview of recent research in which we use architectural models as the basis for such problem diagno-sis and repair. These models can be specialized to the particular style of the system, the quality of interest, and the dimensions of run time adaptation that are permitted by the running system.
Self-healing systems, software architecture, model-based systems

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