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The ABLE group manages a number of research software prototypes associated with a number of grants. These prototypes are tools and environments concerned with software architecure.
  • AcmeStudio is a graphical design environment that uses the Acme architecture description language (ADL) to define software architectures. It is available for the Windows platform.
  • AcmeLib is an object library that can be used by tool developers who wish to use Acme. There is a Java and a C++ version of this library. The C++ version is available in source form, and runs on Windows and Unix platforms.
  • xAcme is a collection of XML schema for encoding Acme descriptions in XML. It is based on xArch, an XML Schema for defining architectural structure, jointly developed by CMU and the University of California, Irvine.
  • The Gauge Infrastructure is a library that allows the definition of gauges, gauge managers, and gauge consumers, for use in the DASADA project. Gauges are monitoring entities that are attached to a high-level model (in most cases, to an architecture); gauge managers control the lifecycle of gauges; gauge consumers listen to gauge values, and can display or analyze these values.
  • The Wright toolset parses software architectures defined using the Wright ADL and translates them into CSP (for use with a formal model checker) and Acme. A version is available for Unix platforms.