Episodes: Guinness World Records: Primetime
(00-01 Season)

Last Updated: 10 August 2001

# R? DOFB DATE Episode Notes
Season 1
Season 2

Season 3

301 8 Dec 00 8 Dec 00 A man attaches clothes pins to his face; married couple blows up balloons. 9:00pm Friday

15 July 2001 to Present: 8:00pm Thursdays

302 19 Jul 01 19 Jul 01 Most contortionists in a box; longest kiss; expensive clothing. 8:00pm Thursday
303 26 Jul 01 26 Jul 01 Smallest dog; wind-speed record; under-ice swim. 8:00pm Thursday
304 2 Aug 01 2 Aug 01 Dangerous freshwater fish; highest skateboard drop into a quarter-pipe; largest metal object to impale a human; most dominoes ever toppled by a group. 8:00pm Thursday
313 9 Aug 01 9 Aug 01 A man opens bottles with his teeth; reconstructive surgery.
305 16 Aug 01 16 Aug 01 A man makes sandwiches with his feet; the world's longest power-assisted BMX bike jump; a two-person balloon inflation; the heaviest load ever balanced on one's head.

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