Aaron Greenhouse

The Basics

Head Shot

I am a recent doctoral graduate of the Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Department. I have finally replaced my lame picture with a half-way decent one. It is from June of 2004 and was taken when my wife and I were on vacation in Great Britain. This particular picture is from Bath.


In May of 2003, I was graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a PhD in Computer Science. My dissertation is A Programmer-Oriented Approach to Safe Concurrency.

In May of 1996, I was graduated from Brandeis University and awarded a BA in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics.

More information on my research can be found on my academic web page and on the Fluid Project home page.

Wasting Time

My first contribution of original material on the World Wide Web was The HyperText Version of The Poems of the Day. The structure of this particular section of my pages is very outdated. One of these days I’ll fix it to be HTML 4.01 compliant and to use cascading style sheets. In any case, it evolved out of a in-joke among my friends during our time at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland It is basically a bunch of really silly and badly written poems that we blamed on a fellow named Rev. Xmos. (Fortunately, he didn’t mind.)

The rest of my original contributions come from the fact that I take my television viewing very seriously—maybe too seriously. But, hey, someone has to take an interest in these things. Or maybe they don’t; I don’t worry about it too much, it is just something that I do, and other people seem to think it is useful. In any case, I have compiled loads of information about the “little” three US television broadcast networks: Fox, UPN, and The WB. This includes episode guides for the UPN programs Platypus Man and Pig Sty, the WB program Unhappily Ever After, and the Fox program Pauly.

Fox Logo UPN Logo The WB Logo

The Links

Okay, let’s face it, you probably only care about whether I have links to cool stuff. I’m not offended by this: I don’t usually look at what personal web pages say either. If I can’t find anything interesting to click on, I usually find a different page to look at. So here are some interesting things that you might want to click on.

Aaron Greenhouse