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  • Feeling like a cup of coffee? Walk through the NSH corridor down to Gates 3rd floor.
  • Feeling like going to town? Go to the bus stop and take a bus down.
  • Feeling like traveling? Take the 28X and go down to the airport.

Simple as that.

However, even tasks as simple as these are challenging for people with congenital or incidental disabilities. NavCog is an iPhone app, created by Carnegie Mellon University Cognitive Assistance Laboratory, aimed specifically for the blind to help those people “explore” the world without vision.
NavCog is opensourced as a part of Hulop project.

How it works

1. Enter destination

Enter your destination into our app, and it will calculate the route.

2. Turn-to-Turn voice navigation

Your phone will direct you to your destination with auditory feedback.

3. Arrive at destination

You will be notified when you arrive at your destination


Walking with device

When in an unfamiliar place, people tend to use a walking navigation system on their device to compare the map location to the surrounding views.

However, visually impaired people cannot check the map or the surrounding scenery to bridge the gap between the ground truth and the rough GPS location.

NavCog aims for an improved high-accuracy walking navigation system that uses BLE beacons together with various kinds of sensors with a new localization algorithm for both indoors and outdoors.

The approach

  • 1. Deploy and manage beacons
  • 2. Sample beacon data
  • 3. Generate topology map
  • 4. Add accessibility information


Navcog aims to reach 1.5 meters accuracy by end of 2015, 1 meter by 2016, and 0.5 meter in the future. We currently use BLE Beacons, and are planning to add accelerometer, gyroscope, ultrasonic ranging, and computer vision.

NavCog aims to achieve a higher accuracy localization so that in the future, it will be able to provide a more precise description of surrounding Point of Interests and environmental information to the users based on their current location.