Project Information

Students will work individually and in groups to implement an autonomous greenhouse agent. The agent will be built up through nine assignments and deployed on our greenhouse architecture once a month. Students will submit write-ups about their algorithm choices and implementation to be graded in simulation and through a real world deployment. Deployments will also include a graded presentation and written report evaluating the deployment of the agent after the grow periods. Assignments will be submitted following the instructions on Canvas.
A1 09/02 09/09 Agent Architectures
A2 09/09 09/16 ROS Implementation
A3 09/16 09/23 Finite State Machines
A4 (Group) 09/23 10/07 Computer Vision
GROW PERIOD A tests Assignments 1, 2, 3, 4
A5 10/07 10/14 Sensor Modeling
A6 10/21 10/28 Explanations
A7 (Group) 10/28 11/11 Execution Monitoring
GROW PERIOD B tests Assignments 5, 6, 7
A8 11/11 11/18 Scheduling
A9 (Group) 11/18 12/09 Resource Optimization