15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation

The schedule is subject to change throughout the semester.

Date   Lecture or
  Reading   Code   Assignment

Tue Jan 17   Overview   01-overview.pdf   code    
Thu Jan 19   Contracts   02-contracts.pdf   code   (Asst 0 out)

Tue Jan 24   Ints   03-ints.pdf   none  
Thu Jan 26   Arrays   04-arrays.pdf   code   Asst 1 out

Tue Jan 31   Linear Search   05-linsearch.pdf   code  
Thu Feb 02   Binary Search   06-binsearch.pdf   code   Asst 1 due
Asst 2 out

Tue Feb 07   Sorting   07-sorting.pdf   code  
Thu Feb 09   Quicksort   08-qsort.pdf   code   Asst 2 due

Tue Feb 14   Queues   09-queues.pdf   code   Asst 3 out
Thu Feb 16   Stacks   10-stacks.pdf   code  

Tue Feb 21   Memory Layout   11-layout.pdf   code   Asst 3 due
Thu Feb 23   Midterm 1      

Tue Feb 28   Unbounded Arrays   12-ubarrays.pdf   code  
Thu Mar 01   Hash Tables   13-hashtables.pdf   code (Lec.14)   Asst 4 out

Tue Mar 06   Interfaces   14-interfaces.pdf   code  
Thu Mar 08   Priority Queues   15-priorqs.pdf   code (Lec.16)   Asst 4 due,
  Asst 5 out
Fri Mar 09   Midsemester Break      

Tue Mar 13   Spring Break      
Wed Mar 14   Spring Break      
Thu Mar 15   Spring Break      
Fri Mar 16   Spring Break      

Tue Mar 20   Restoring Invariants   16-resinvs.pdf   code  
Thu Mar 22   Binary Search Trees   17-bst.pdf   code  

Tue Mar 27   AVL Trees   18-avl.pdf   code   Asst 5 due,
  Asst 6 out
Thu Mar 29   Tries   19-tries.pdf   code  

Tue Apr 03   Polymorphism   20-poly.pdf   code   Asst 6 due
Thu Apr 05   Midterm 2   practice mt2.pdf   practice solution mt2-sol.pdf  

Tue Apr 10   Memory Management   21-mem.pdf   code  
Thu Apr 12   GUEST LECTURE: Formal methods in critical embedded systems   22-garoche.pdf    

Tue Apr 17   Virtual Machines   23-c0vm.pdf   code   Asst 7 due
Thu Apr 19   Spring Carnival      
Fri Apr 20   Spring Carnival      

Tue Apr 24   Generic Data Structures   24-generic.pdf   code  
Thu Apr 26   Spanning Trees   25-spanning.pdf    

Tue May 01   Union Find   26-unionfind.pdf   code  
Thu May 03   bdd   27-bdd.pdf    

Fri May 11   Final Friday, May 11 5:30- 8:30 p.m. McConomy Auditorium    

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