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Herbert Simon"Herbert A. Simon's scientific output goes far beyond the disciplines in which he has held professorships: political science, administration, psychology and information sciences. He has made contributions in the fields of science theory, applied mathematics, statistics, operations research, economics and business and public administration (and), in all areas in which he has conducted research, Simon has had something of importance to say."

--- From the official Nobel Prize announcement of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Sweden

Bibliographies of Herbert Simon's Major Works

Speeches, Talks, and Interviews Given by Herbert A. Simon

"Is it our Job to Forecast the Future or to Fashion it" by Herbert A. Simon, October 19, 2000, Earthware Symposium. Available on-line at the Universal Library. Follow the link to the Newell-Simon Inauguration and Earthware Symposium.

"Bridging the Gap: Where Cognitive Science Meets Literary Criticism" by Herbert Simon, Stanford Humanities Review

"How Humans Solve Problems," by Herbert Simon, hosted by Wonders of the Mind, hypermind Online Programs

"Herbert Simon Recalls Berkeley and the Birth of Administrative Behavior," Institute of Governmental Studies (IGA), UC Berkeley

"What We Know About Learning", Herbert Simon's speech at 1997 Frontiers in Education Conference: Teaching and Learning in an Era of Change

"CMU's Simon reflects on how computers will continue to shape the world", October 16, 2000, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette News

Resources on Herbert A. Simon

Citation from Herbert Simon's award of the 1988 John von Neumann Theory Prize from INFORMS

"ASIS Conjures Information Future", 1998, Library Journal, Britannica.com, reports on the American Society for Information Sicence (ASIS) conference at which Herbert Simon discussing the future of human work in a computer age the lact of meaningful work

"Herbert Simon and Chunking" by David Wiles, Professor Emeritus, Educational Admin and Policy, University of Albany

Herbert Simon's Theories of Intelligence , Cognitive Architectures, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, University of Michigan

"Herbert Simon on Resource Dependency Theory" by Keith Rollag, Department of Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University

"Herbert Alexander Simon" by Jean Zhao , University of Colorado at Boulder

"Thinking about Herbert Simon", Industrial Sociology Course taught by Stephen Appold, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore

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