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Herbert SimonA Collection of Herbert Simon's Economics and Management Research Work

"Perceiving and Managing Business Risks: Differences between Entrepreneurs and Bankers," with D.K. Sarasvathy and L. Lave, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 33(2), 207-225, 1998

"Economics as Historical Science," Theoria, 13(32), 241-260, 1998

Administrative Behavior, fourth edition, 1997;

Models of Bounded Rationality, 1981, Vol. III, 1997;

The Sciences of the Artificial, third edition, 1996;

Protocol Analysis: Verbal Reports as Data, with A. Ericsson, Second Edition, 1993;

Models of My Life, 1991;

Scientific Discovery: Computational Explorations of the Creative Processes, with P. Langley, G. L. Bradshaw and J. Zytkow, 1987;

Reason in Human Affairs, 1983; Models of Thought, Vols. I and II, 1979;

Skew Distribution and the Sizes of Business Firms, 1977;

Models of Discovery, 1977;

The New Science of Management Decision, revised edition, 1977;

Human Problem Solving, with A. Newell, 1972.

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