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FreeWheeling Easy in Western Pennsylvania


Information on Trails

by Mary Shaw and Roy Weil

We are pleased to present selections from the book FreeWheeling Easy in Western Pennsylvania . In most cases, this includes the first paragraph of the description, the summary information, and the trail organization.

Trails In and Around Pittsburgh

Trails East and South: Laurel Highlands

Trails North: Upper Allegheny Valley

Trails West: Lake Eire and Eastern Ohio

Full write-ups, for example of the Oil Creek State Park Trail , include:

For some trails, we also describe local history, attractions, extensions of the route (often on roads), or development plans. For the major trails, the overall information appears at the beginning and separate descriptions give details about the major segments.  

When we talk to people about these trails, their most common questions are "Is there a trail near where I live?", "How do I find that trail?", "What is it like?", and "Can I buy lunch/rent a bike/swim nearby?". We have emphasized this kind of information in the trail descriptions. That's what makes this guide different from others.

Within western Pennsylvania or an easy drive into nearby regions, you will find dozens of trails that are closed to motor vehicles and are graded and surfaced for easy bicycling, walking, and similar activities. Some are short, suitable for a morning, an evening, or a short day with the family. Some are longer, good for a full day's sport touring or several days of camping.

We personally rode or walked all the sections of trails that we report as developed (and many that are not). We re-checked most within the four months just before publication. Trail conditions change with time, though, so what you find may differ. On the one hand, the trail developers may have extended the trail. On the other hand, trails deteriorate over time as a result of weather and use; they need periodic maintenance. Although we mention a number of mountain bike areas, we have not checked them.

A number of trail development organizations are very active now, but they need continuing support. When you find a trail you like, consider supporting its association; they need volunteer time and materials as well as money. Information about joining these organizations is included with the trail descriptions.

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