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Mary Shaw and Roy Weil have canoed, biked, hiked, and XC-skied Western Pennsylvania for over 20 years. Many people have introduced them to trails, and they return the favor by writing guide books.

They wrote FreeWheeling Easy in Western Pennsylvania to encourage people to walk and ride on the motor-free trails, especially rail-trails.

They also edited the definitive Canoeing Guide to Western Pennsylvania. The guides covers the canoeable waters that run westward out of Pennsylvania via the Ohio River. It includes some streams from neighboring areas, as well. The guide is the result of volunteer effort over the past 30 years by many, many canoeists, working through the Pittsburgh Council, American Youth Hostels . It is currently in its eighth edition, covering about 3000 miles of rivers in 470 pages.

You might also be interested in some of Roy's other favorite outdoor books. You can order them, too.

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FreeWheeling Easy is available in many western Pennsylvania bike shops, outdoor stores, and bookstores for $9.95+tax. If you can't find it there, you can order from us: Shaw-Weil Associates, 414 South Craig St. #307, Pittsburgh PA 15213. We have to charge you for tax and postage, so send a check for $11.93. We usually ship in 1 to 5 days. Sorry, we don't do credit cards, but amazon.com books does. You can order it from amazon.com for $9.95 + shipping, but you will pay more for shipping and it will take longer.

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