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We are accepting applications for Postdoc, Ph.D., research scientist, visiting researcher and internship positions.

Our team is highly inter-disciplinary and anti-disciplinary. From science to art, design to engineering, you will always find your perfect position. We encourage both independent thinking and interactive collaboration. We hope we grow as a team with radical concepts that require insights across different fields.

We work across scales as well. Whether you work on microsystems or architectures, you are welcome to contact us.

When you apply:
if you are a maker/designer/artist, please include: a CV and digital portfolio. Demonstrating processes such as sketching, model making, CAD, 3D and rendering are as important as showing a final piece. Radical concepts and believes are highly appreciated.

if you are a scientist or engineer working on fundimental theories or experiments, please include a CV, narratives of your research experimences, diagrams and experimental results.

To seek opportunities, please email Prof. Lining Yao directly at: liningy@cs.cmu.edu