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Prof. Lining Yao speaks at "Meet the Media Guru" in Milan, Italy
Lining Yao will be speaking at the venue "Meet the Media Guru" in Milan. More informaiton will become available soon. (link)

Paper accepted and to be presented at CHI 2017
Our lab members and collaborators' paper on "Transformative Appetite: Shape Changing Food Transforms from 2D to 3D by Water Interaction through Cooking" is accepted and to be presented at the ACM CHI 2017 conference. Congratulations!

Paper accepted by Science Advances
Our lab members and collaborators' paper on "design and modeling of hygroscopic bio-hybrid actuators and devices" accepted in Science Advances. Congratulations!

bioLogic takes part in the Exhibition of 'Mutations / Créations' at Centre Pompidou in Paris
Digital technologies have dramatically changed design and the way products are manufactured, transforming the work of architects, designers and artists. The exhibition Imprimer le monde explores the emergence of a new digital artefact as a form of artistic creation, printed in 3D... (link)

Lining Yao @Harvard Origins of Life Initiative
"Researchers ... gathered at Harvard University during a two-day workshop titled “Proto-computation and Proto-life”. Attendees explored technical and philosophical approaches to assessing the conditions under which matter may ‘compute’ something about its environment, and whether such conditions offer a clue as to the origins of life in our universe." (Link to the event) (Featured by NASA)

Lining Yao @ reThink Food hosted by CCA and MIT Media Lab
"Innovation at the Intersection of technology, behavior, design and food". Cohosted by The Culinary Institute of America and MIT Media Lab. Napa Valley, California. (Link to the event) (Link to the webcast from The Culinary Institute of America)

Lining Yao @ PopTech
"...she identifies these design opportunities in myriad life experiences including the things we wear, objects that we live with and within, play with, eat or drink. At PopTech, she will present a new invention with her collaborator Wen Wang, for which they adapted scientific research methodologies and digital fabrication into food engineering. " (Link to the event) (Hosted by Prof. Moran Cerf from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management)

Student Innovation Contest @ UIST 2016
As the co-chair of Student Innovation Contest at UIST 2016 conference, Lining Yao helped Pedro Lopes from Hasso Plattner Institute to organize the contest. The contest was based on a research led by Lopes at Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany. (Link to the contest; Link to UIST 2016)

bioLogic Exhibited at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria
bioLogic is growing living actuators and synthesizing responsive bio-skin in the era where bio is the new interface. Natto bacteria are harvested in a bio lab, assembled by a micron-resolution bio-printing system, and transformed into responsive fashion, a “Second Skin”... (Link)

Lining Yao @ MediaX at Standford University
This seminar series brings together a diverse set of experts to provide interdisciplinary perspectives on these media regarding their history, technologies, scholarly research, industry, artistic value and potential future. As the speakers and title suggest, the series also provides a topical lens for the diverse aspects of our lives. (Link) (Hosted by Prof. Ingmar Riedel-Kruse from Stanford Bioengineering)

Lining Yao @ Wired UK
As a Wired UK fellow, Lining presented at Wired conference. "Grow. Duplicate. Die. In its purest form, that simple sequence is the meaning of life. It's also the core influence behind designer and MIT PhD candidate Lining Yao's work. Specialising in novel materials and interfaces, Yao takes that biological cycle, and applies it to merging the interactions humans have with computers and materials." (Link to the news) (Link to the talk) (Hosted by David Rowan, Editor-at-large at WIRED)