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Hi! Welcome to my home page.

My personal portion of Web:

  • Student Research Guide entry
  • My anonymously FTP'able stuff (papers and code)
  • Personal Schedule
  • Relaxation paper
  • Things to do in Pittsburgh:

  • Accessible Library Interfaces or for other libraries.
  • Upcoming concerts (courtesy Stephen Baum)
  • Upcoming movies (courtesy Clamen)
  • White pages, Webster's, man pages, restaurants, upcoming birthdays of CMU CS folks, etc.
  • from the database to the periodic table (courtesy Bennet Yee).
  • our blog about coonhound paralysis
  • Accelerators: SCS home page; local references page; other personal home pages; ``front door'' page exported to non-CMUCS users

    Online library pointers include card catalogs, books, journals, and selected CS bibliographies and other reference works. JobMatcher

    Miscellaneous stuff on the net:

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  • AI Bibliography and AI source sheet. The Data Mine about mining data bases.
  • CMU SCS home page
  • CMU SCS personal home pages
  • CMU SCS fun page
  • ACM home page
  • Journal of AI Research
  • On-line CMU-CS tech reports
  • Unified CS tech reports index (at Indiana) General CS Bibliography
  • InterNIC Info Source (general info on the web)
  • Cognitive Psychology Sources: Santa Cruz and Brown
  • Beer making page.
  • Ways to waste time:

  • Kids mosaic page.
  • Sports stuff (courtesy Clamen)
  • TV stuff (courtesy Clamen)
  • weird places This comes from Andrew Tong
  • Survival Research Labs This is a snapshot of the SRL anonymous FTP site
  • The complete book of mischief . How to make your very own bombs.
  • My bookmarks
  • My WIP
  • gap+ AT cs dot cmu dot edu