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Research Pages

Craig A. Knoblock
Tuomas W. Sandholm (
Constraints Archive
OZONE Project Agenda


Dave Belfer-Shevett's Home Page

Military pages

AMC Units Homepage
Air Mobility Command
JFACC Program Web Site

Tcl/Tk Man Pages
ATT distributions DOT/DAG and others
Multiagent Planning Architecture
David E. Wilkins
Déjà Vu - Documentation

Workflow management

The Experimental Knowledge Systems Laboratory
Workflow Management and Support for Advanced Database Applications
Workflow Management Coalition
Austin Tate - Personal Interests
Workflow Management

Planning & Scheduling Benchmarks
Soar Archive
The Upshot program visualization system
ForMAT--PRODIGY/Analogy Home Page


MySQL by T.c.X. DataKonsultAB
PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language


pair Networks - World Class Web Hosting
pair Networks - Support Forum
pair Networks - Free Features
pair User Mailing List


JobMatcher - Site Administration

Other Resume services

Job Shark Home Page
VirtualResume 212-535-6005 (voice) 212-665-0432 (fax)

The Lake Group, Direct Marketing Services
SBN Magazine Feature Stories
Virtual Servers for Resellers - Virtual Server Hosting (iServer - Verio Web Hosting, Inc - Virtual Servers)
Welcome to TerraServer
USACE ORP-WC - Current Conditions
AT&T Chat 'N Talk: FAQs?
The List
Introduction to HTML - Table of Contents
Table Test Page
Xerox PARC Map Viewer: usa 37.00N 96.00W (7.5X)
MySQL by TcX DataKonsult AB
Extractor: Text Summarization Software
Image Tools
PHP3: Documentation
PEGS - PErl Graphical Structures
GIF Wizard from Raspberry Hill Publishing Inc.


Dmitry Kirsanov's Top Ten Web Design Tips
Websmile - HOT HTML TIPS
HTML Reference
META Tag Builder
Didier Stevens HTML Notepad
Special Edition Using Netscape 3
Frames -An Introduction
Doctor HTML v4
Ultimate Web Publisher's Guide!
World Wide Web Home Page
Net Tips for Writers and Designers
D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site
Web Tools Review home
Index of /merlyn/WebTechniques

Data Sources

American Universities
Reading NetNews -- Directory of /pub/perl/CPAN/
Listing of Usenet Jobs(6/28/95)
U.S. Universities, By State
University Links: Lists to Colleges & Universities

Parsing and IR

MultiLingual Theory and Technology
Experian IS FAQ Home Page #1

Perl and CGI tricks

Regexp for URLs
Perl: Sources
The Idiot's Guide to Solving Perl CGI Problems
Instantaneous Introduction to CGI Scripts and HTML Forms (7/96)
Selena Sol's Public Domain CGI Script Archive and Resource Library
CGI Resources
Matt's Script Archive -- credit card autorizer
Dale Bewley's Perl Scripts and Links
Introduction to the Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
Dale Bewley's Perl Scripts and Links
Perl Manuals
Perl Recipes


Index of /afs/
Creating GIFs on the fly --
A set of C and perl routines for creating
GIFs on the fly.
Directory of /pub/ac/acotto/pictures/new
Mike Shaikun's Animated Gif Collection
Animated Gifs at Eric's Homepage !

WWW Server

Apache Server Virtual Host Support
A Standard for Robot Exclusion
Welcome to the Linux Home Page
Web Hosting Services
Web Tools Page - by Dominic
Netcraft Network Examination
"The Stalker's Home Page"
Access Control How To

How to Write a Winning Business Plan
Welcome to The World Wide Mart
InterContinental Marketing Ltd.
LEVEL\5 - Intelligent software products; Quest, Object, SmartMode, SiteAnalyzer - Level Five Research
The WDVL: Seminars
Matt's Script Archive: Download All
VSL: Power Search Form
Martin Ramsch - iso8859-1 table [Anonymized]
Wazza's Linkpage
$25.00 American and Canadian Federal Trademark Registry Searches


CNN - Site Seer: Chicks get hip to the Web - January 15, 1998
Daughters Day
Buena Vista MoviePlex Marquee
Steve and Ruth Bennett's Family Surfboard

Pittsburgh Links

Hidden Valley - Downhill Skiing
Laurel Ridge State Park
Pittsburgh: The Links

PAT Bus Schedules

Port Authority Home Page
Laura's Bus from Sewickley

The Aviary - Your Information Resource for Birds!
INTELLICAST: Pittsburgh Weather
Telerama - Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh Home Page

Food Festival! Pittsburgh - Restaurant Guide

Brewing Beer

Beer in Pittsburgh
CNN Plus: Consumer News - Food - HomeBrewing
Chimay Trappist Ale
Useful Brewing Gadgets or Techniques
The Beer Page
Marty's Homebrew Gadgets
VirtuBrewery Welcome
Palmer House Brewery and Smithy
Glenn Tinseth's Hop Page
Thread searches of Brewing Mailing Lists

Net Shopping Mall

Price Watch Search Engine - Networking Hub 100

Water Skiing

Water Skier's Web - waterskiing, boating, wakeboard, barefoot, slalom, trick
AltaVista: Simple Query waterski new york
Water Ski Clubs
Water Skis Etc.

Puzzletts: Puzzles and Brainteasers Help Desk
Fax Superstore - Quality Fax Machines at Guaranteed Lowest Prices
Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc.
Airline Tickets and Reservations
Plumbing Supplies
Many obscure plumbing supplies.
Stainless Steel etc.


Halloween I
Halloween II
Junk Email Resource Page


Junk Email Resource Page
The Infamous Exploding Whale

Dysarthric Speech

Curtin University School of Computing School Report 1993.
Towards 2000 - Technology For People With Special Needs
ASEL Speech Research Program
Motor Speech Profile
ICSLP 96: International Conference on Spoken Language Processing

Casey's Snow Day Reverse Dictionary (and Guru)
Favourite Dinner Co-op recipes
Lounge Coffee Cam Page
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Ice-9's 3l33t L1nkZ


BuGGeR's CrackZ & WareZ domain...
The Encyclopedia N C

Math curriculum

SAMI - Math Curriculum


MindVision Software

Version Control

VOODOO 1.8 integrates version control into CodeWarrior

Matching Records
INFO-MAC HyperArchive ROOT


Set of on-line reference material

[WebCat] Unicorn WebCat
WWWebster Thesaurus - Search screen
InterBib Bibliography-Related Services
Science & Technology Resources -- CMU Libraries
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Backpropagator's Review
Information Science Research Institute
NGDC/WDC A for MGG - Marine Geology & Geophysics Images
Artificial Intelligence Resources
Britannica Online
Reference Shelf

TOM Conversion Service
Dr Don's Directory Column
Hitchhiker Guide through CyberSpace: Remote "Promotes"
Internet JUNKBUSTER Headlines
Index Librorum Liberorum: Contents of
Bare Bones Software's Freeware Collection
Project Vote Smart

Personal Toolbar Folder


The Motley Fool: The Daily Dow -- Current Dow Order
Welcome to Datek Online
The Motley Fool: Finance and Folly -- Main Page - Portfolio
Custom Vanguard Mutual Fund Prices
NeuralWare Home page
Security APL Quote Server


Search Engines

Harry Q. Bovik's Mail


Maps On Us: A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service
CNN - Site-Seer: Web site maps make navigating easy - July 25, 1997
DeLorme | CyberAtlas
City.Net Maps
SmarTraveler Home
MapQuest! Welcome!

Welcome to Dogpile
Search Engines -- Beaucoup! (English)
Zephyr Archive Search
LASER Search - Home Page
Lycos, Inc. Home Page
Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!


The New York Times on the Web
Mercury Center
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Online News And Information For The Wireless Industry
Site-Watch-FREE Sign-on Page
Online NewsHour
Yahoo! News and Events
CNN Interactive
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Home Page
Most recent ClariNet cartoons ( 8-Aug-1995)
HCI Chronicle Section: Comics
The Washington Post
NY Times Internet Edition


AnyWho: Find Telephone Number, Email, Home Page URL, FAX, Toll Free Number, and Address

People lookup

Database America People Finder
RES-Links: Finding People/Organizations/Hosts
Four11 - US Telephone Directory
The Lycos People Finder
GTE SuperPages®: Interactive Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages


The Airborne Palm-Pilot Page
What's New
What's Cool

RC5-64 - Participant Summary for
CNN - Quick Word tips and tricks - May 19, 1998
Pennsylvania Dealers
Inergy WebDesk Personal
CNN - Make the Web do your work - July 15, 1998
Midway Phoenix Corporation HomePage
The Dynamic Link Library
PC World Online September 1998: Features - privacy - Going Private
The DICT Development Group
CNN - Artificial intelligence means never having to say you're sorry - September 25, 1998
Global Positioning System Overview
CNN - Securing your computer's future - October 8, 1998
CNN - How you can find your dream job - October 14, 1998
Building Construction Cam