An Introduction to Physically Based Modeling

Because of the many requests for this material, we are pleased to make available an online version of some of our printed lecture notes on ``An Introduction to Physically Based Modeling.'' We have organized the information into a number of chapters, listed below. The material served from this page varies only minimally from the contents of the SIGGRAPH '95 course ``An Introduction to Physically Based Modeling.''

Please note: the documents served from this page are copyright ©1997 by the authors (Andrew Witkin, David Baraff and Michael Kass). Chapters may be freely duplicated and distributed so long as no consideration is received in return, and this copyright notice remains intact.

We are also pleased to announce that an updated version of our course, ``Physically Based Modeling: Principles and Practice,'' will be offered at SIGGRAPH '97. In addition to covering the basic introductory concepts of physically based modeling, the course will also focus on real-world, production experience with dynamics. Speakers from Alias|Wavefront's Maya development team and Walt Disney Feature Animation will present their unique perspectives and experiences on the use of physically based modeling for animation in the computer industry.

Lecture Notes: An Introduction to Physically Based Modeling

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