Robotics for Aircraft Inspection

Two projects in Robotics for (Aging) Aircraft Inspection are underway in the Measurement and Control Laboratory. One focuses primarily on a robot ("ANDI") for deployment of an eddy current sensor; this project is conducted in cooperation with the Carnegie Mellon Research Institute (CMRI), and is sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The second focuses primarily on 3D-stereoscopic video systems for enhanced remote inspection, secondarily on robots for deployment of these inspection aids; it is conducted in cooperation with Aircraft Diagnostics Corporation (ADC) and sponsored by the Ben Franklin Technolgy Center of Western Pennsylvania.

Most of ANDI's papers can be found here, and a picture of ANDI on an Eastern Airlines DC-9 at Sandia's AANC in Albuquerque NM.

An ANDI article in FORTUNE magazine [May 3, 1993].

A link will eventually appear here pointing to more information about these projects. In the meantime, please see Mel Siegel's home page via the link below; it contains some additional discussion, and links to the text of some papers we have published on the subject.

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