Intelligent Sensor, Measurement, and Control Lab

The "Measurement and Control Lab" (aka: "Sensor Lab", "Intelligent Sensors Lab", "Intelligent Measurement and Control Lab", "Sensors, Measurement, and Control Lab", and probably some other things) is Mel Siegel's research lab at the CMU Robotics Institute:

Mel Siegel's homepage
Measurement and Control Lab (you are here right now)
Center for Integrated Manufacturing Decision Systems
The Robotics Institute
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

A comprehensive overview of the lab's past and present activities is promised before the end of the current century. In the meantime, follow the link above to Mel's personal homepage for brief descriptions of his current major projects. In the meantime, here are some potentially useful links.

Brief overview that appears in the (CMU RI) Faculty Research Guide (1996)
3D-Stereoscopic Video Display Project Page