PVM'95 Presentations and Papers


Introduction to PVM
Adam Beguelin, Carnegie Mellon University.
Advanced PVM Tutorial
Robert Manchek, University of Tennessee, and Jim Pruyne, University of Wisconsin.

Invited Speaker

Systems Issues
Professor Miron Livny, University of Wisconsin

Visualization and Tracing

Visualization in Cluster Environments with PGPVM,
Brad Topol, Vaidy Sunderam, John T. Stasko, Emory University.
Visualizing PVM Executions,
Thomas H. Kunz and David J. Taylor, University of Waterloo.
Parallel Runtime Visualization,
Stephany Bouchier and Richard Barrett, Los Alamos National Laboratory.
A New Tracing Facility for PVM 3.4,
James Arthur Kohl and G. A. Geist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Systems Issues

Interoperability and multi-threading for PVM,
L. V. Kale, University of Illinois.
Experience with Resource Management Services on an Opportunistic Cluster,
Jim Pruyne and Miron Livny, University of Wisconsin.
A Load Balancing Scheduler for PVM Tasks,
Jose Nagib Cotrim Arabe and Virgilio Augusto Fernandes Almeida, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais.
PVM Implementations of Fx and Archimedes,
Peter Dinda, Carnegie Mellon University.
Parallelizing the GENESIS neural systems simulator,
Nigel Goddard, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Providing Resource Management and Consistent Checkpointing for PVM,
Georg Stellner, Technische Universitaet Muenchen and Jim Pruyne, University of Wisconsin.


A WAN Surgical Monitoring Application Built on PVM
Don Krieger, Bob Simon, Terry Chay, Robert Sclabassi, University of Pittsburgh.
A Distributed Parallel Computing Model of Blood Oxygenation
S. A. Williams, G. E. Fagg, P. C. H. Mitchell and K. P. Williams, University of Reading.
Parallel Image Registration in Functional Brain Imaging
Thomas Nichols and Robert Orr, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Three-Dimensional Monte Carlo Semiconductor Device Simulation,
Henry Sheng and Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, UC Berkeley.
Distributed Algorithm for Three-dimensional Semiconductor Device Simulations,
Mei-Kei Ieong and Ting-wei Tang, University of Massachusetts.
PVM for Advanced Distributed Interactive Simulation,
Terry Purnell and Thomas Kendall, U.S. Army Research Laboratory.
Reconfigurability and Heterogeneity in Parallel Air Quality Modeling,
Edward J. Segall, Carnegie Mellon University.
Using PVM to facilitate Biomedical Research,
Alexander J. Ropelewski, Joseph Lappa and Michael Crowley, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.
Optimizing Molecular Dynamics Calculations on Parallel Computers,
William Young, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.
PVM based Applications at LANL,
Richard Barrett, John Baumgardner, Jeff Brown, Peter Bunge, John Cerutti, Kathy Holian, Jean Marshall, Gregg McKinney, James Painter, Joseph Rieken, and Mark Zander, Los Alamos National Lab.
Parallel CFD at Lewis Research Center: what worked and what didn't,
Kim Ciula, Sterling Software / NASA Lewis Research Center.

Group Services

Context, Name Service and Static Groups for PVM,
Philip Papadopoulos, Robert Manchek, and Al Geist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Tennessee.
Improved Group Services for PVM,
G. E. Fagg, R.J. Loader, P. R. Minchinton and S. A. Williams, University of Reading.
An interface compiler to enhance PVM for group communications,
G.A.Fagg and R.J.Loader, University of Reading.


MIST: PVM with Transparent Migration and Checkpointing,
Jeremy Casas, Dan Clark, Phil Galbiati, Ravi Konuru, Steve Otto, Robert Prouty and Jonathan Walpole.
PADE - The Parallel Applications Development Environment,
Judy Devaney, Robert Lipman, Minwen Lo, William Mitchell, Mark Edwards, and Charles Clark, National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Language Interfaces

An Extended Linda System using PVM,
George Wells and Alan Chalmers, University of Bristol.
PVM-Prolog: Parallel Logic Programming in the PVM System,
Rui F. Marques, Jose' C. Cunha, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
CL-PVM: A Common Lisp Interface to PVM,
Liwei Li and Paul S. Wang, Kent State University.
A Strategy for Programming in a Heterogeneous/Homogeneous Parallel Computer Environment,
Thomas Eidson, High Technology Corp.

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