An Extended Linda System using PVM

George Wells and Alan Chalmers
An extended version of Linda (eLinda) has been developed to give the application programmer a greater level of control over the underlying communication. This has been done to improve the performance, and to increase the flexibility with which data may be accessed. The motivation for this has been to find a compromise between the efficiency of the message passing of PVM and the simplicity of the Linda shared memory model. This paper describes the architecture of the eLinda implementation and its use of the message passing, task group and database facilities provided by PVM. Sample applications which have been developed using eLinda are also described, and performance results presented to show the benefits PVM has to offer the implementation of eLinda on a network of Sun workstations.

Linda is a registered trademark of Scientific Computing Associates.

This work was carried while the first author was on leave from the Department of Computer Science, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.