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Free/Shareware Parallel Prolog implementations


   akl/       AKL: Andorra Kernel Language, a concurrent 
              constraint programming language.
   bap/       BAP: Parallel Prolog for Transputer Networks
   bebop/     BeBOP, bp, and pnp: Parallel Object-Oriented 
              Logic Programming
   fcp/       FCP: Flat Concurrent Prolog
   ncl/       NCL: Net-Clause Language
   pcn/       PCN: Program Composition Notation
   rolog/     ROLOG: Parallel Prolog compiler with a reduce-OR 
              process model.
Sources for a large collection of parallel Prolog implementations.
References: Gregory, Steve: "Parallel Logic Programming in Parlog: The Language and Its Implementation", Addison-Wesley, 1987, ISBN 0-201-19241-1. Tick, E.: "Parallel Logic Programming". MIT Press, 1991 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Programming Languages!Parallel Prolog, Prolog!Implementations
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