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Free/Shareware Common Lisp implementations


   allegro/   Allegro CL: Information about Allegro Common 
   alsp/      Lisp-like data structures for ADA
   awk/       AWK Lisp: Lisp implemented in AWK
   bbn/       BBN: BBN Butterfly Common Lisp and BBN Butterfly 
   clicc/     CLiCC: Common Lisp to C Compiler
   clisp/     CLISP: Common Lisp implementation from Germany
   cmucl/     CMU CL: CMU Common Lisp
   ecolisp/   ECoLisp: Compiles Lisp into C
   el_cl/     CL.EL: Common Lisp compatibility package for 
              GNU-Emacs Lisp
   elisp/     ELISP: GNU Emacs Lisp manual
   gcl/       GCL: GNU Common Lisp
   jlisp/     jlisp: Jeff's Lisp Interpreter
   kamin/     C and C++ Implementations of the Kamin 
   kcl/       KCL: Kyoto Common Lisp
   lily/      LILY: C++ Class Library for writing Lisp-style 
              C++ code
   mcl/       MCL: Information about Macintosh Common Lisp
   pearl/     Pearl: Information about Pearl Lisp
   powerlsp/  PowerLisp: Shareware Common Lisp for the 
   reflisp/   RefLisp: Reference-counting Lisp Interpreter
   starlisp/  STARSIM: Thinking Machines' *Lisp Simulator
   wcl/       WCL: Wade's CL, a shared library implementation 
              of Common Lisp
   xlisp/     XLISP: XLISP programming language
   xlspstat/  XLISP-Stat: Statistical version of XLISP
Sources for a large collection of Common Lisp implementations.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Lisp!Implementations, Programming Languages!Lisp
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