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CMU CL: CMU Common Lisp

CMU Common Lisp (CMU CL) is a high quality public domain Lisp system. It includes an incremental compiler, Hemlock emacs-style editor, source-code level debugger, code profiler and is mostly X3J13 compatible, including the new loop macro. The new CMU CL compiler (Python) is more sophisticated than other Common Lisp compilers. It both produces better code and is easier to use. Python does many optimizations that are absent or less general in other Common Lisp compilers, and is particularly good at number crunching. See SUPPORT for important information regarding the support status of CMU CL. (In short, the CMU CL project is no longer funded by Arpa, so future support will be minimal. They'll fix bugs, especially those that affect the use of CMU CL as a cross-development vehicle for their Dylan work, but they won't be adding any major new features. Continuing the same level of support is not an option without ARPA or industrial financial support.)
   The binary releases are contained in files of the form
   The first file holds binaries and documentation for the
   basic Lisp system, while the second -extra file contains
   the Hemlock editor, the Motif toolkit, the graphical
   debugger, and the CLX interface to X11. Files of the form
   are of possible interest since they contain all the ".lisp"
   source files used to build that version.

Version: 17f (4-NOV-94); 17e (11-MAR-94) Requires: 16mb RAM (more is better) 25mb disk (15mb basic config, 8mb for extras) Ports: HP 700 (HP-UX 9.0), Sparcs (Mach, SunOs 4.x, and Solaris), DecStation 3100 (Mach), IBM RT (Mach), SGI MIPS (Iris), and DEC Alpha (OSF1). As of 11/11/93, the latest SunOS Sparc release (17c) should work with all versions of SunOS, but does *NOT* work under Solaris. Copying: Public domain. Updated: Fri Nov 4 13:22:32 1994 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Mailing List: comp.lang.lisp Author(s): Scott E. Fahlman and the entire CMU Common Lisp project. Keywords: Authors!Fahlman, CMU CL, Compilers!Lisp, Interpreters!Lisp, Lisp!Implementations, Programming Languages!Lisp, Public Domain References: Documentation in the documents file includes CMU Common Lisp User's Manual (PostScript and Gnu Info formats) Hemlock User's Manual Hemlock Command Implementor's Manual
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