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LOOP: A variety of Loop macros.


   cmu/       CMU LOOP: CMU Implementation of ANSI Loop Macro
   mit/       MIT LOOP: The original MIT Loop macro 
   sloop/     SLOOP: William Schelter's SLOOP iteration 
   symbolix/  Symbolics ANSI LOOP: Symbolics update of the MIT 
              LOOP for ANSI conformance.
   yloop/     YLOOP: Portable implementation of the Yale LOOP 
This directory contains five different implementations of Loop macros. The mit/, cmu/ and symbolics/ directories contain various implementations of "the" Loop macro, as discussed in the various editions of CLtL and the draft ANSI Common Lisp specification. The MIT implementation is from the CLtL1 era. The CMU implementation conforms to CLtL2, but is slightly buggy. The Symbolics implementation is an updated (1991) version of the MIT Loop macro. It claims ANSI Loop conformance, and includes a test suite. In addition, there is SLOOP and YLOOP. SLOOP is William Schelter's loop macro (doesn't implement the CLtL specs). YLOOP is Frank Ritter and Jim Panagos' implementation of the Yale loop macro described in McDermont, Charniak and Riesbeck's AI programming book.
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