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CMU LOOP: CMU Implementation of ANSI Loop Macro

CMU CLtL2-compatible Loop Macro. Please note that it uses the WITH-HASH-TABLE-ITERATOR feature added by X3J13, which may not be available in all "CLtL2-compatible" lisps. Also, since the macro was implemented from scratch, it adheres to the (rather vague) word of the specification, but not necessarily to historical precedent (e.g., loop variables are not bound in FINALLY clauses, etc.). Some bug fixes and portability enhancements by mkant, but still slightly buggy.
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   Part of CMU Common Lisp.

Version: 1.8 5/24/91 19:37:33 wlott, with bug fixes by mkant Ports: Easily ported to any valid Common Lisp. Runs in Lucid, Allegro, AKCL, and CMU Common Lisp, of course. Copying: Public domain. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Please cc on bug reports for this version of the CMU Loop. Mailing List: none Author(s): William Lott Contact: Scott Fahlman Keywords: Authors!Lott, CMU LOOP Macro, Iteration!LOOP Macro, LOOP Macro, Lisp!Iteration, Public Domain References: ?
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