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Machine Learning Software Packages


   accel/     ACCEL: Abduction
   classweb/  CLASSWEB: Classit and Cobweb
   focl/      FOCL: Expert System Shell and Machine Learning 
   foil/      FOIL: Produces Horn clauses from data expressed 
              as relations.
   golem/     GOLEM: Inductive learning algorithm
   index/     INDEX: Experimental inductive data engineering 
   learn_pl/  Machine Learning Algorithms Implemented in Prolog
   miles/     MILES: Flexible environment for tests with ILP 
   mobal/     MOBAL: Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Learning 
   oc1/       OC1: Oblique Classifier 1
   occam/     Occam: Learning program that combines EBL and SBL
   pebls/     PEBLS: Parallel Exemplar-Based Learning System
   rwm/       RWM: Refinement With Macros
   utexas/    Raymond Mooney's Machine Learning Collection


   FTP repositories for machine learning include
This directory contains machine learning software packages.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Machine Learning
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