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OC1: Oblique Classifier 1

OC1 (Oblique Classifier 1) is a multivariate decision tree induction system designed for applications where the instances have numeric feature values. OC1 builds decision trees that contain linear combinations of one or more attributes at each internal node; these trees then partition the space of examples with both oblique and axis-parallel hyperplanes. OC1 has been used for classification of data from several real world domains, such as astronomy and cancer diagnosis. A technical description of the algorithm can be found in the AAAI-93 paper by Sreerama K. Murthy, Simon Kasif, Steven Salzberg and Richard Beigel. A postscript version of this paper is included in the distribution. This package is not being included on the CD-ROM at the request of the authors because it is still very much in development.
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Requires: OC1 is a written entirely in ANSI C. Copying: This distribution is provided for non-commercial purposes only. CD-ROM: Author(s): Sreerama K. Murthy (primary contact) Steven Salzberg Simon Kasif Department of Computer Science The Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD 21218. Keywords: Authors!Kasif, Authors!Murthy, Authors!Salzberg, Decision Trees, Inductive Learning, Machine Learning, OC1 References: ?
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