Reconfigurable Computing Intro

Reconfigurable Computing Seminar 1/14/98

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1. Reconfigurable Computing Intro
2. Admin
3. An Abstract Architecture
4. Hardware
5. Traditional MPU
6. Variations on MPU
7. Reconfigurable Computing
8. More Detail
9. RC Compromises
10. The Cal Chip
11. The CAL function block
12. Cal Architecture
13. Rentís Rule
14. RC Design Space
15. Interconnect
16. System Interface
17. History
18. Issues in RC Research[Buell]
19. Are FPGAs large enough?
20. Exposing the Architecture
21. Programming Language/Compiler
22. Range of architecture needed?
23. Where do CCMs fit in ASIC-GP Spectrum?
24. Research Issues

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